Genuinely local and service orientated scrap dealer in the Uusimaa region


0201 443 685

Mänkimiehentie 13,
027780 Espoo

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 7-17

Tue: 7-18


019 230 460

Hitsaajantie 28,
10300 Karjaa

Mon-Fri: 7-16


0201 988 011

Degermosantie 4,
01760 Vantaa

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 7-17

Tue: 7-18

New scrap yard open!

We buy all types of metal scrap at the daily spot price

  • We take in scrap cars and will pick up scrap metal from the surrounding area at no charge.
  • We remove metal scrap from industrial premises, ending inventory, farms, yard areas etc.
  • We can dismantle old machinery and production lines, boiler rooms and oil tanks
  • We pick up and take in household scrap
  • We supply scrap containers and boxes for collecting metal scrap
  • We buy scrap lead batteries, copper, brass, aluminum, electrical motors, car parts, tin, circuit board scrap and cables; everything from sardine cans to power plants.
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